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DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER THE LAST TIME YOUR HOUSE WAS COMPLETELY ORGANIZED?We offer a wide variety of ORGANIZING SERVICES to help make the most use out of your space.

ARE YOU READY FOR A CHANGE BUT DON'T HAVE THE TIME OR ENERGY?Achieve the highest quality look to make your dream home a reality, with very little expense. We are extremely RESOURCEFUL & CREATIVE in REDECORATING YOUR SPACE!

DO YOU HAVE FAMILY MEMBERS WITH ALLERGIES ?We use a variety of ORGANIC PRODUCTS and TECHNIQUES to make sure your kids and pets can play safely inside your house.

New Home in 3 Easy Steps!

With years of experience in organizing and excellent organizational skills, we will improve the quality of your life.
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By creating a new space and adding a few small items with complimentary colors, we can achieve a whole new look in any room of your home.
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We offer a variety of cleaning services, completely customized to your needs, using ORGANIC PRODUCTS. Let us make your life easier.
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Our Team

Andrew Doe
Vice President

Client Testimonials

CHéZ Cleaning - Daiana B. Testimonial
Daiana B.
„We stated using CHéZ Cleaning and have to say that they are a pleasure to have around! They are always polite, professional and manage to keep our house very clean! Thank you for your services!”
CHéZ Cleaning - Tom F. Testimonial
Tom F.
„An excellent service overall: from a simple advice on colors to a complete work of redesigning the entire house. I am most impressed with Jenna's willingness to adapt her schedule to mine, as I am in and out of my house very often.”
CHéZ Cleaning - Maria C. Testimonial
Maria C.
„You are awesome Jenna! You have done an amazing job bringing so much light into my place! It makes such a difference to walk into a clean home! I love their organic products as well! I truly recommend CHéZ Cleaning! Treat yourself and give them a call.”
CHéZ Cleaning - Kim D. Testimonial
Eric D
„I love the service I receive from CHéZ Cleaning. I’ve been recommending them to my work colleagues and several of them are pleased with their services as well. They always do a great job and are always on schedule!”

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3-week program
3 week membership
Scientifically-formulated program
Over 60 delicious recipes
Personalized higher protein plan
6-week program
6 week membership
Scientifically-formulated program
Over 100 delicious recipes
Personalised higher protein plan
Dietitian Plus
1 Year membership
Scientifically-formulated program
Over 1000 delicious recipes
Personalised higher protein plan
12-week program
12 week membership
Scientifically-formulated program
Over 300 delicious recipes
Personalised higher protein plan


We make it a priority to offer flexible appointment times to accommodate your unique scheduling needs.

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